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    meets the practice of the future.


    Welcome to evofoot, where excellence is at the core of everything we do. Our practice is designed and built on principles that we consider important when we, and our families, are patients.


    As modern healthcare advances in technique and technology, we're committed to bringing a new experience to the process, designed around human beings, with quality as our compass... that's the evo way.

    Everyone in the World,

    can have an evofoot.

    We've dedicated 15 years to providing excellence to our patients... it seems that excellence is a global phenomenon! There are evofeet living all around the World, so we've designed systems to make the process simple, connected and safe.

    Advanced technology, for every patient.

    Since the inception of our practice, we've always incorporated the newest technologies into our workflow. Because we believe in providing our patients with excellence as our first directive. But getting the latest and greatest isn't always easy. Often, the new technologies and innovations are expensive and are usually limited to early adopters who can afford them.


    We decided to change that. At evofoot, we want every patient to have access to cutting edge solutions that help improve their experience, recovery or outcomes. Instead of waiting for the insurance industry to catch up, or costs to come down with second/third generation releases, we adopt smart solutions as standards in our protocols. It's all part of our relentless pursuit of excellence.

  •  Different.  It's in our DNA.

    Premium experience


    Welcome, to the no compromise surgical practice.  We believe that great healthcare should come with an exceptional experience. At evofoot, we design our space, workflow and procedures around this single, most important principle.


    We’ve meticulously built every part of the evofoot experience for our clients. If podiatry is quality foot surgery, evofoot is podiatry plus a premium experience.


    Simpler recovery


    Get into shoes faster, and get back to life sooner.  In our busy 21st century lives, it’s become increasingly difficult for the active professional to take time away from life for a lengthy recovery.


    Evofoot procedures are modern and utilize advanced fixation systems with innovative surgical techniques. Our new mobile post-op service saves you from having to take up to 4 hours off work for a 15 minute visit.

    Aesthetic results


    Hiding the incision is our standard.  That's because great design begins with form and function, and ends with beauty.


    We’ve always held to the belief that excellence in podiatric surgery is found with procedures that improve the function of the foot, with an aesthetic approach.


    “To love beauty is to see light.”

                                       - Victor Hugo

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  • Foot surgery never looked so good.

    We believe that excellence is created by focusing on a few great procedures,

    then refine, refine, refine.

    Bunion Correction


    The preventative bunion procedure that sets a new standard for modern bunion surgery. 


    Now patients can walk out of the operating room, and experience a functional recovery process.


    Aesthetic bunion correction and a functional recovery, the evofoot way!


    Learn more...

    Hammertoe Correction


    Not just a regular hammertoe procedure, aesthetic hammertoe correction. A one of a kind solution for correcting long or hammered toes.


    No visible scar. Short, simple recovery.

    The future of hammertoe surgery.


    Created by Dr. Sadrieh,

    Exclusively at evofoot.


    Learn more...

    Toe Reconstruction


    This revolutionary procedure corrects complications from "legacy" toe procedures or traditional brachymetatarsia correction.


    What used to be considered a complication, now has a chance for reconstruction.


    Created by Dr. Sadrieh,
    Exclusively at evofoot.


    Learn more...

  • Don't take our word for it,

    check out some of our patient love...


    "Dr. Sadrieh and the entire Evo team, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This whole experience has been such a blessing.

    I am still in awe of every little detail in this process.

    I would pray and wish so hard for pretty feet but never in a million years could I have expected this. Dr. Sadrieh – thank you for putting your life into your work. I can see your dedication and love for what you do.

    You have truly changed my life. God bless always." - Ashley

    Innovative solutions, better results.


    We like to think of our obsession with excellence as one of our best attributes. That's because without our relentless pursuit of trying to make good better and better best, revolutionary procedures like the Perfect 10! Aesthetic Toe Shortening, or the Toe Reconstruction for short toes and brachymetatarsia wouldn't exist. Our mission is simple, create procedures that improve the patient experience, reduce the recovery limitations, and most importantly have aesthetically pleasing results.

    Run, stretch & repeat.

    Because beauty, begins with your feet.

    We all strive to be our best. Keeping your body well is the first step to living life at its full potential. But staying fit becomes challenging if your feet aren't functioning correctly. Problems like bunions, hammertoes, flat foot and tendonitis can change the way you walk and run, which in turn can make exercise unpleasant or damaging.


  • Meet the evodocs

    Ali Sadrieh, DPM


    Aesthetic Foot Surgeon


    “Thirteen years ago, we started our journey, and our purpose was simple... Change the way patients experience healthcare. So we built a practice around the principles that mattered for our own families, and we’d love to share it with you.


    Our practice is built to always stay ahead of the technology curve.  Our team is dedicated to the motto do what you love, love what you do.  Our faciities are built with consideration to our environment, and our approach to Podiatry is centered around human beings, not time clocks.  


    It's a privilege to provide you with a new level of excellence in Podiatry and foot surgery."




    Jason Khadavi, DPM

    Sports Medicine

    Aesthetic Foot Surgeon


    "As a foot surgeon I am constantly amazed by how many patients we can help, with so many different problems. To see a patient return to being active after a procedure we performed is a feeling that never gets old.  After years of performing procedures, I'm still humbled to have the opportunity to affect peoples lives in a such positive way.


    Knowing that we can provide solutions to help people feel better about their feet, and live a more comfortable life, drives me every day. It's an incredible feeling to know that someone can walk pain free or wear shoes that they were not be able to wear prior to surgery, because of a procedure at evofoot." 




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