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Day One, Twenty Fifteen.

A new year, a continued commitment.

Once more, we revisit the point in our planet’s orbit around it’s star, which we humans have marked as day one.  A new year is upon us and most take time to reflect on the year past, what it brought to us, the difficulties we endured and the contributions we want to make, to our own lives, our loved ones, and our community.

A few years ago during a new years eve dinner with family (this usually includes the extended family as well) we began a new tradition.  After dinner, before the countdown, each of us shares our new years resolution and we write them down, with each persons name.  Next year we revisit the things we resolved to do the year before, and look at if we accomplished our goals.  This began to grow as our friends began to do bring this fun game into their new years eve rituals.  Now, five years into the resolution game, I realized a pattern starting to show.  The majority of resolutions share a common denominator we seldom give thought to… our feet.

There’s always a resolution to travel more and explore the streets of Paris, or a goal to improve our physique and complete a first marathon, or a commitment to taking that final step of transitioning to a new career.  All of these demand our feet continue providing us mobility, strength, and all day comfort, without fail.

That’s where we come in.

Every year, on day one, we renew our commitment to developing newer, better ways for our patients to experience the correction of problems with their feet, or preventing them from developing.  

This commitment stems from our philosophy at evofoot.  Each morning, people everywhere wake up, and interface with the planet as they get out of bed, and begin their day by placing their feet on the ground, standing up to see what new adventures await.  We’re here to make sure that interface serves you well and takes you through your journey with power, confidence and beauty.

We’ve got a lot in store for 2015, and we’re very excited to share our new developments with you.  

Ali Sadrieh, DPM

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