Welcome to the Anthropocene.  The era where planet Earth is driven by our demands and it’s fate, rather than natural laws that operate in harmony to one another… is what we decide should be.

I often question why, as the dominant species, we don’t pay more attention to designing, investing and moving towards a “future based ideology”.  Instead of spinning our political and ideological wheels in the never ending mud ruts of the past, will our species take its rightful position as the custodian of the planet that gave it the fortune of being human.

I think the shift that needs to occur, is no different than the small decision we made 7 years ago.  I was at a crossroads in my career and facing the decision of opening my own private practice, or choosing to stick with the herd, i.e. business as usual.  If I were to go our on my own, I knew that I would have to create new ways of doing things, because the standard operations of a medical practice were not designed around an excellent patient experience.  I knew with every fiber in my soul, that the UX (user experience) of the medical practice, was similar to that of the old DOS operating system; it got the job done, but it wasn’t designed to give the user a pleasurable experience.  

Very few people still use command based operating systems anymore.  DOS prompts found their resting place in the hands of developers and coders, which are akin to the researchers and high level explorers of the health sciences.  Private practice is the “computer” of the health sciences.  The private practice is where the patient interfaces with health care directly.  So now more than ever, we need to take the responsibility of redesigning this experience, and replacing it with one that puts the PX (patient experience) first.  

Imagine an office where the patient and their access to information, comfort and customer service comes first.  A practice where quality health care is considered a C grade… quality health care PLUS an excellent experience is considered an A.  And most importantly, a practice where quality comes before volume.  I built such a practice, 7 years ago, yet we keep pushing forward.  

The evolutionary process that has allowed us to dominate our planet on almost every continent didn’t happen by chance.  It happened because throughout time, there were people who challenged the accepted way of doing things, despite external pressures, they stuck to their ideas that the future holds a more optimistic, better experience for all of us. 

This is what every person needs to remember when they get back to their jobs on Monday… What you do, and how you do it matters to the future.  We can direct our path to the world we all imagined as children, or allow it disintegrate into the wasteland it could be without our continued innovation and problem solving.

Human beings consume natural resources at an exponential rate compared to other earthlings.  With this simple fact stems the responsibility of creating solutions that mitigate the waste from our insatiable appetites for all things manufactured.

There’s only one direction to go… and that’s forward.  We pledge that the steps we take to advance our services will influence the practice of medicine to a future that is better and brighter than the present.  

This is the ethos of our new project evopractice 2.0

More to come… in the future.

Ali Sadrieh, DPM

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